Moby 3.0 is Coming!

Moby 3.0 is coming! It’s a new year and a new day at Moby Dick House of Kabob. Over the past few months, we have worked with our partners to update our technology and create new operating systems throughout our stores, arming them with the latest programs designed specifically for restaurants, and streamlining our internal operations to improve the overall guest experience.

We’ve been busy building new platforms including a new mobile app that will make ordering easier and feature a refreshed loyalty rewards system. We’ve also created new online ordering functionality for our website customers and are improving the experience at the counter, with new point-of-sale software in each of our units.

Listening to our customers and incorporating their suggestions, our new innovative App will make ordering a snap, and the new Moby loyalty program will track points with ease and confidence. The program will also now recognize our faithful catering customers with reward points that can be redeemed and used at any Moby location.

We’ll be rolling out the new technology over the next few weeks. Implementing the transition over time so there is minimal disruption for our customers and employees, as well as with management and our trusted partners.

Guests will also find in 2021 that some of their favorite Moby Dick House of Kabob items will soon be available for online ordering with nationwide shipping for Moby fans all over the country. Those who have experienced but left the region will delight in this new feature. 

Behind the scenes, we’ve been working diligently to test these new systems, inside and out, to ensure that your next visit is as flawless as the last and that every visit to Moby Dick House of Kabob, is both convenient and memorable. One thing that you can always count on, the delicious dishes that you’ve come to know and expect from Moby Dick House of Kabob will never change.

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