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A Great Place to Work

A business is only as good as its employees, and Moby Dick House of Kabob is fortunate to have the best workers in the hospitality industry staffing our 24 restaurants. Among our dozens of standout employees, here are two who exemplify Moby’s high standards of customer service and commitment to excellence:

Isaias worked alongside Moby Dick’s late and beloved founder, Mike Daryoush, at Mike’s original luncheonette before he opened the first Moby’s. More than three decades later,

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Look for These Symbols on Our Menu

We know that what we put into our bodies matters, which is why Moby Dick House of Kabob is committed to cooking and serving wholesome and nutritious food from scratch, using only the finest ingredients available. We’re also committed to being transparent about what’s in our food, so that people with special dietary considerations can have peace of mind when they dine with us.

Throughout Moby Dick’s menu, look for these symbols to indicate important details about a dish’s preparation: GF (Gluten Free) means a dish is prepared without gluten,

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Moby’s Does Summer Grilling Year-Round

With summer grilling season here, flame-grilled cooking enthusiasts everywhere are firing up the charcoal, tying on an apron, and getting their spatulas ready. But at Moby Dick House of Kabob, cooking over open flames is something we do all year long, in every season. That’s because flame-grilled cooking is an ancient technique that Persian chefs around the world have embraced and perfected for centuries.

When done properly, open-flame cooking can intensify and improve the flavors of just about anything.

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Moby Dick House of Kabob was founded on the promise to use only the best quality ingredients, and we continue to keep that promise, from our tender kabobs to our authentic Persian cuisine.



The Moby Dick House of Kabob story starts from humble beginnings. Through it all, Moby Dick has been unyielding in the belief of “never cutting corners” as we prepare the food that you love and crave.

Vision & Values


From our slow-braised stews to our flame-grilled Persian kabobs, fresh pita, and attentive customer service, Moby Dick House of Kabob is based on quality, taste, reputation, and relationships.