The Sweet Side of Moby

At Moby Dick House of Kabob, we believe that there is something sweet at the end of every meal. This is never more evident than when you take a look at our dessert menu!

There is something for everyone on our newly expanded menu. Recently we introduced the Moby Cookie, a sweet round snack, made with high gluten wheat flour, brown sugar, dried fruits, tahini, vanilla, cinnamon, and cardamom. Three to a package, each one is loaded with flavor. The Moby Cookie – it’s an explosion in your mouth!

Our homemade Rollet is an irresistibly moist sponge cake filled with light whipped cream that melts the moment it touches your tongue. Or explore unique flavors with our distinctive Saffron Ice Cream, creamy and vivid yellow from the saffron. With every bite, you’ll experience the taste of saffron and a hint of rosewater. This frozen dessert will have you craving a second scoop.

And not to be overlooked, our most-popular dessert, fresh-made Baklava, a traditional Persian treat with thin layers of flaky phyllo dough and finely chopped nuts, the pastry is soaked in a honey-based syrup before being served. Delicate and crisp, this layered dessert is a top seller.

Whatever your preference, and regardless of which dessert you choose, or if you decide on one of each, they’re the perfect ending to your next Moby meal. 

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