Cool Down with Moby’s Signature Sauce

Moby Dick may be the House of Kabob, but did you know that there’s another item on our menu that is also an integral part of our dining experience? House-made cucumber yogurt sauce is a staple of Persian cuisine and comes alongside every entree and fresh pita wrap we serve.

Known as must-o-kheyar or maast-o-khiar, cucumber yogurt sauce is a creamy, tangy, and cooling blend of fresh cucumber and thick-strained yogurt, delicately seasoned to perfection. (If you’ve ever tried Greek tzatziki on a gyro, you’ll be familiar with the flavor of our cucumber yogurt sauce, which is similar but smoother in texture than tzatziki.) In Persian communities throughout the world, recipes vary from kitchen to kitchen, with some cooks adding fresh herbs like dill or mint and others incorporating hints of garlic or lemon juice for extra bite.

At Moby Dick House of Kabob, we think you’ll agree that our cucumber yogurt sauce is the perfect complement to any of our entrees or wraps. Guests love to use it as a light yet flavorful dressing for the green salads and fluffy rice that come with entrees, or to just go all in and dip their kabobs and pita directly into the sauce. Pro tip: Try a Moby Dick’s Combo Platter so you can sample different proteins with the cucumber yogurt sauce and find your favorite match.

However, you prefer your food, you can’t go wrong with a side of Moby’s unique and delicious cucumber yogurt sauce. And because we make every batch from scratch each day with the best ingredients, you can be assured that each taste you have of our cucumber yogurt sauce is the peak of flavor and freshness.

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