Find Your Favorite Day to Dine with Moby Dick House of Kabob’s Daily Lunch Specials

With two dozen restaurant locations in the D.C. Metro area, Virginia, and Maryland, Moby Dick House of Kabob is a go-to dining destination for those looking for a quick meal of Persian food with Mediterranean flair that won’t break the bank. Its daily specials have become so popular that some of Moby’s most loyal fans make their weekday lunch plans around them.

“We are delighted that guests have embraced our daily lunch specials so enthusiastically,” Moby Dick House of Kabob CEO Ned Daryoush said. “Our menu items are all cooked fresh from scratch every day to bring only the best and most authentic Persian flavors to our stores.”

Moby’s flavorful and hearty lunch specials all come with creamy cucumber yogurt sauce and fresh-baked bread. The weekly lineup:

Monday — Lubia Polo: Perfectly seasoned ground beef with sautéed onion, green beans, tomato sauce, and traditional Persian spices. Served with aromatic Basmati rice.

Tuesday — Baghaala Polo: Tender fava beans and Basmati rice flavored with fresh dill and served with Moby’s delicious lamb shank.

Wednesday — Khoresht Gheymeh: Yellow split peas, sautéed onion, and beef cooked in tomato sauce with Persian spices and Basmati rice.

Thursday — Zereshk Polo: Saffron-infused Basmati rice topped with sweet sautéed barberries, served with Moby’s signature baked chicken.

Friday — Ghormeh Sabzi: A rich Persian herb stew simmered with fresh cilantro, parsley, red beans, leeks, special Persian seasoning, and succulent beef. Accompanied by fluffy Basmati rice.

Visit a Moby Dick House of Kabob restaurant today, or order pickup or delivery conveniently online at, to start making your way through the lunch specials to find your favorite.

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