The Perfect Pita

When most people think of naan, they specifically think of an Indian flatbread. However, the word “naan” just means bread and can refer to many different types. At Moby Dick House of Kabob, our naan is pita.

Like most bread, pita is only made of four basic ingredients — flour, water, salt, and yeast. But an astonishing number of different bread varieties have evolved out of those humble beginnings. Pita is sturdy and can hold up to being dipped, stuffed with gyro meat, or wrapped around kabobs. That’s pretty good for an invention that’s been around for nearly 5,000 years!

We make our pita fresh for every customer. And to do that, we use a special traditional clay oven. This type of oven is tube-shaped, with the fire at the base. The bread is stuck to the sides of the oven where it bakes, browns and bubbles to perfection. These ovens burn very hotly, allowing them to cook the bread in under two minutes! Once it’s done, you have a soft and chewy pita.

Some pitas have a pocket in the middle, which is caused by steam bubbling between the layers of dough. But ours are pocket-less, making them perfect for dipping in hummus or wrapping around our signature Joojeh kabob.

Our fresh-baked pitas are what put us on the map and inspired our founder, Mike Daryoush to transition from an American diner to the Persian-inspired menu we’re known for today. We hope you’ll come to try some!

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