Category: Spices


Deep yellow and orange in color, Turmeric is the spice that adds a warm, peppery flavor.

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Tangerine Peel

Thin citrus peel used to flavor savory preparations as well as sweet baked goods.

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Sumac is the purple dried berry of a shrub and adds a tangy, lemony flavor.

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The tiny threads of the saffron crocus are tediously plucked, piled and dried.

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Commonly seen in flat-leaf and curly varieties used as a garnish, flavoring or salad component, such as in the cracked wheat salad called tabbouleh.

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Oregano (Dried)

Oregano is a perennial which grows up to two feet tall.

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Nutmeg, the egg-shaped seed of a tree native to Indonesia, adds a warm, spicy aroma.

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Mint (Dried)

There are 13-18 different species of Mint or Mintha, as it is called in Greek.

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