Open Flame — The “Secret” Ingredient

Cooking over an open fire is a tradition in virtually every culture. From Japan’s hibachi to Argentina’s Asado, different civilizations have developed their own unique relationships with open flame cooking. This method of cooking allows for a smoky complexity of flavor to seep into your food –the kind of taste you can’t get from other methods like stove top or oven baking.

In Persian culinary tradition, there were no large woks, complex cages, or rotating spits to hold meat over the grill. Instead, pieces of meat or vegetables were threaded onto simple skewers. This cooking method is believed to have originated in Turkey sometime during the 1300s, inspired by soldiers who would hold meat over flames by the ends of their swords.

These days, some Persian-style meats are cooked on a vertical rotating spit, or –doner– then sliced off in thin shavings to cook.

Moby Dick House of Kabob, we stick to the traditional skewer method. It allows us to cut our food in a uniform size, encouraging even cooking. Traditional kabobs include marinated lamb, beef, and chicken, which we offer individually or in combinations.

We grill the kabobs slowly over indirect heat. This slow cooking keeps the meat get juicy and tender. It also ensures that our Signature Seasoning isn’t burnt off in the cooking process.

Grilling over an open fire isn’t always the easiest way to cook; it’s far more difficult to regulate the heat in a fire as opposed to an oven. However, we think the special flavor is worth the extra labor, and once you try our kabobs, we think you’ll agree!

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