Homemade Doogh

In America, yogurt-based drinks aren’t very common. But in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and the Indian subcontinent, creamy yogurt drinks are a way of life.

In India, they drink lassi, often sweetened with fruit. And in Russia, they drink fermented kefir.

In Turkey, Iran, Syria, and even Germany, doogh (pronounced doog with a hard g) is the drink of choice. Doogh is a cold drink made of yogurt, water, salt, and sometimes flavored with mint or pepper. It has a savory, refreshing flavor, and is often used to cool down on a hot day.

After mixing everything together, the drink can be left to ferment to give it a little carbonation. Or to speed things up, it can be made with carbonated water.

Doogh has a history spanning back at least a thousand years. The first written record of it appears in 1000 CE, in a Turkish dictionary. However, many historians believe it goes back even further.

Doogh is believed to have several health benefits. Yogurt has long been said to aid in digestion and it may also give the immune system a boost.

The best doogh is made with fresh, homemade yogurt. We make ours in-house every day. We also have a bottled version that is available either carbonated or flat, in either mint or plain flavor.

Doogh is perfect for pairing with kabobs or other meat dishes. Give it a try!

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