Moby Dick COVID-19 Update

Moby wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for all their support, ordering our food and offering words of encouragement during these rough times. We also wanted to provide an update on the COVID-19 situation and the precautions we are taking to ensure that as our customer, you will always have a safe, cleanly environment in Moby Dick

We are doing everything required by the public health officials and are following up on material coming to us to ensure that we are providing a safe environment for guests. We are requiring all employees to wear a double glove and after every transaction, they have to replace that. We are also tamper-proof sealing all to-go containers primarily for hospitals and healthcare facilities, but also for any other customer who requires that. We are also mandating that all to-go bags be sealed. Hand sanitizer is available for all guests when they pick up their orders and all employees are required to wash their hands every transaction and at least every 5-10 minutes.

In other news, we are offering a handful of promotions. Check out our special offers page for more details.

You can watch our video here to learn more about Moby and COVID-19:

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