Kabobs: The Secret Ingredient

It’s a well-known fact: food cooked over open flames just tastes better, especially when it’s marinated in exotic seasoning and cooked on a skewer over that flame.

Kabobs are an important part of local cuisine in many places around the world, and we’re proud that our menu is built on this dish that brings people together.

Kabobs originated in the Middle East where small chunks of meat would be cooked on skewers over an open fire. The dish increased in popularity and spread across the world, where local cooks would customize it to fit local preferences for meat and spices. Today you see all kinds of protein and vegetables used for kabobs; it truly is a dish that everyone can enjoy.

At Moby Dick House of Kabob, our kabobs are made of the best meats available. There are so many choices: tender lamb marinated in our signature Moby Dick seasoning, fresh kubideh, grilled chicken breast, salmon, Cornish game hen, and, of course, succulent gyro beef. And if you can’t decide on just one, that’s okay because we’ve got combos with multiple options. And all of our kabobs are served with our house pita bread, baked fresh every single day.

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