How to Photograph Food for Instagram Posts (Part 2)

Taking photos of just the food itself can make the details look sharper. You can also take pictures of more than one dish or use a colorful background for more variety.

Using Background

When doing close-up shots of the main characters, television shows will often blur the background. This practice is intentional and actually has merit when photographing food as well. Blurring the background makes your food appear even clearer and brighter by contrast. When using this technique, it’s important to make sure there’s enough light present. If you are in a dark environment, you can use a friend’s phone for easy source of additional light.

Use Your Hands

Previously, we mentioned the strategic placement of silverware, but you can also have someone posed as if they are going to eat the food. Snap photos of them as they are taking their first bites for a picture-perfect moment.

Add Color

Adding colors such as reds and greens will make your photo pop, giving your food a vibrancy that makes the dish look good enough to eat. Emphasizing the greens on your salad with ripe red tomatoes is a perfect example of using color to your advantage.

Don’t Use Filters

Sure, Instagram has filters for photos, but a majority of professionals don’t use them. It’s generally accepted that food looks much more natural without filters.

Clean Your Camera Lens

Here’s your reminder to clean your lens –because so many people forget to do it. When your lens is dirty, it adds an unnatural blur to photos, especially on objects you want to have focus on. Remember, cell phones are constantly being moved in and out of bags, pockets, hands, and more. You’ll want to take a few seconds to clean your lens and trust us, those few seconds will make a huge difference.

Taking photos for Instagram can be overwhelming if you overthink it, but it doesn’t have to be. Just follow our recommendations and with a little bit of trial and error, your food will be Instagram worthy! And don’t forget, if you’re taking pictures of your favorite dish from Moby Dick House of Kabob, to be sure to tag your photos with our hashtags! #welovemobys #cravemobys #welovemobykabobs #mobydickhouseofkabob

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