How to Photograph Food for Instagram Posts (Part 1)

Have you ever wondered why so many Instagram pictures of food look so good? Restaurants often hire photographers for the sole purpose of taking pictures of their food, designed to make your mouth water on the spot. You can also take photos of your food from your mobile device, each looking good enough to be professional. So, let’s dive in to see how to take effective food photos for your Instagram account.

Use Natural Light

Taking photos of your food in natural light makes the food look better. Once your food is ready and beautifully displayed, bring it over to the window for the perfect picture.

Use Reflection

Before taking the photo, grab something that is purely white like a large napkin. Set the white garment under your plate and take a picture of your dish. The reflection through the window will bounce off the towel and make your food look even more enticing.

Keep all the Food in the Frame

Try taking photos of just the food, excluding any outside surroundings like the dish itself. This can give your food a tastier look. If you choose to show external surroundings, show the dish, complete with napkins to the side and silverware strategically placed. Consider sticking a fork in the food as if you’re ready to eat it.

Shoot Food from Above

When taking photos of food, it is often better to place your camera directly over the top of the food, which gives the food a better look and feel. Of course, while doing this, keep your phone level and steady to avoid blurry or off-center photos.

Take Many Photos

Sometimes your photos still come out blurry. To avoid this outcome, take as many pictures as you can, reducing the chance that you’ll have a whole set of blurred photos.

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