Holiday Catering

The very thought of hosting a holiday party can be an incredible source of stress. Between the food, the decorations, the entertainment, there’s just so much to do! So, instead of wrestling with all those obligations at once, consider catering your holiday celebration.

Catering can be surprisingly affordable when compared to the cost of ingredients and the time required to feed a large party. Additionally, if you cater instead of cooking, you’ll be able to be out and enjoy your party instead of being stuck in the kitchen.

Moby Dick House of Kabob offers platters of kabobs, appetizers, and desserts for large parties. A tray of Moby Dick kabobs provides a variety of meat and veggie options for all sorts of dietary preferences. A tray of sandwiches, all wrapped in our house pita bread, make for a simple and delicious lunch. Appetizers like hummus, dolmeh, and falafel make for some easy snacking. Dessert options like baklava, bamiyeh (small fried doughnuts), and rolett (rose water sponge cake) round out the menu with a sweet finish.

Catering isn’t just ideal for holiday parties though. If your company provides office meals, consider joining our Corporate Rewards Program! Members can earn reward dollars and receive exclusive perks —a great option if you have lots of lunch meetings or corporate events! A nutritious meal of protein and veggies will certainly keep minds sharp for the rest of the day.

Questions about catering? Send us an email at or call us at 1-888-343-7771.

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