Classic Must-o-Mooseer

One of our favorite snacks is the traditional Persian must-o-mooseer (pronounced must-o-moo-sear).

This tasty yogurt dip is a staple of Persian cooking, and it’s actually really simple to make.

Known as “Must-o-Mooseer yogurt with a hair of garlic” in Farsi, the name comes from its two main ingredients — yogurt and Persian shallots.

Culturally, yogurt is a huge part of the of cooking in the region. There is a legend that thousands of years ago, a wanderer was traveling with milk in his sack. When he went to drink it, he found that it had thickened and soured. He drank it anyway and went on to spread the word about his discovery.

The other major ingredients, Persian shallots, are different than the shallots found in most American grocery stores. The main difference is that they’re smaller and taste more like mild garlic. They are rare and grow in the foothills of the Zagros Mountains.

These shallots can be found dried in specialty stores, but if necessary, the standard shallot can also be used to make must-o-mooseer.

Thick yogurt is mixed with minced shallots and herbs like mint and tarragon, then, it’s finished with a dash of salt. Next, it rests for a couple of hours so the flavors can blend. And that’s it!

At Moby Dick House of Kabob, we serve our must-o-mooseer with warm pita bread. You could also eat it with chips, crackers, sliced cucumber, or dip your kabobs in it. Cool yogurt also makes a soothing contrast to anything spicy.

This dish is easy enough to make at home, but hopefully, you’ll stop by to try ours! Must-o-Mooseer is available for take-out in small, individual containers and in other, larger serving sizes with our catering orders.

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