Rewards FAQs

I made a purchase without my app; can I still receive credit?

Good question–please email a copy of your receipt and a brief description of what prevented you from using your app (does the store need our help?) to our support team at; we’ll do our best to make sure nothing gets in your way next time :]!


How do I earn a reward?

Most rewards are unlocked automatically and added to your account on your behalf. If you receive an email about a reward, make sure to read through it to see if you need to claim your reward onto your account! You’ll always be able to see your available rewards within your app as well :).


How do I use a reward?

Rewards will be redeemed automatically towards your next purchase via the app. Neither you nor the cashier needs to do anything extra to redeem your reward!


Where can I see my progress?

Head to your rewards tab to review your progress towards your next reward!


Where can I see my available rewards?

Your available rewards will be listed on your rewards tab. Please review any emails you receive regarding rewards if you have any questions on eligibility or availability, or if you do not see it in your rewards tab.


Help! The app said I unlocked a loyalty reward but it didn’t apply to my order.

Loyalty rewards apply to the next transaction you make after the one on which it is unlocked. Loyalty rewards are not earned and redeemed towards the same transaction.


Help! I received an email about a reward but don’t see it in my app.

The email you received may have a button to click to add the reward to your account. Otherwise, your reward may only be redeemable during a certain time of day (for example, breakfast or dinner). If that’s the case, the reward will only be visible during the times you are able to redeem it.