Category: Fruits


Red, plump, juicy and very healthy.

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Tangerine Peel

Thin citrus peel used to flavor savory preparations as well as sweet baked goods.

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Pomegranate Molasses

A traditional ingredient in Middle eastern cooking, this rich, dark syrup contributes the sweet tartness.

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Lemon Oil

Cold pressed from lemon rinds, it is estimated that it takes about 3,000 lemons to make.

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Lemon Juice

The sour and refreshing taste of lemon juice stems from its citric acid (5-6%).

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Related to the tomato, this fruit can be bitter if not stored or prepared properly. Meaty texture makes it a great meat substitute in vegetarian dishes.

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Dried Lime

Boiled in salt water and sun-dried, these tiny Middle-East limes add a complex and tangy.

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Most often eaten raw, this fruit of the squash family is also grown in seedless varieties.

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Black Olives

A rich dark color and a plump appearance are the trademarks of the black olive.

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