Moby’s Cookie

The perfect end to every meal is something sweet. Here at Moby Dick House of Kabob, we are always looking for new and refreshing ways to meet guest expectations. Recently, Moby Dick decided to work on a new dessert menu item, the Moby Cookie. Now available at your favorite Moby location, the sweet round snack, is made from a high gluten wheat flour, brown sugar, dried figs, organic pitted dates, dried apricots, tahini paste made from sesame seeds, vanilla extract, cardamom and cinnamon. It’s an explosion in your mouth!

Creating a new menu item requires a lot of commitment and resources. It entails research, recipe development, testing, tasting and a robust rollout introducing the new item to customers. Understanding culinary trends, business trends and customer demand are a part of the initial process. Once the research part is done, it is time to get down to the hard work of sourcing the best quality ingredients and developing a recipe that will hold up to the test of mass production.

Moby put a particularly strong emphasis on sourcing the ingredients in the cookie. High-quality and healthy items like the dried fruits were an important touch point during the development process. Dried fruit being rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, were an essential ingredient to the recipe. Moby wanted their new dessert to also be a healthy alternative. Finally, the culinary team settled on an organic pitted date from Algeria, that is USDA approved, and found dried apricots and figs from Turkey to round out the flavors in the recipe.

Many versions of the cookie recipe were initially tested. The recipe was tinkered with to incorporate different methods, flavors, textures, and results. The ultimate goal was producing a consistently delicious product. Eventually, the Moby Cookie was perfected. The hard work had paid off.

We hope you will try a Moby Cookie with your next meal from Moby Dick House of Kabob. And be sure to let us know what you think!   

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