Moby Dick Gears Up for Phase 2 Reopening

As America prepares for its Phase 2 of reopening, Moby Dick is also preparing for our Phase 2. We are keeping some old practices in place and implementing new ones to ensure our staff and customers are safe in our locations.

We are diligently listening to the CDC guidelines and implementing those practices. Employee’s temperature will be checked and logged at the beginning and end of each shift. Additionally, we have contactless checkouts still in place to minimize contact between us and you.

Our restaurants will remain at 50% capacity, adapting to 6 feet apart rules. Every table has a sign to let you know exactly where you can and can’t sit at the time. The floors also have markers to delineate where 6 feet apart between you and the person in front of you truly is. Our restaurants still have plexiglass barriers in place and every employee is still required to wear masks, gloves, and wash their hands frequently.

We also now have a disinfecting, sanitizing, electrostatic sprayer. This handy tool allows our staff to clean every surface area within minutes.

Watch the video below to see some of these practices in action.


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