Ash Reshteh

Moby Dick House of Kabob brings back Ash Reshteh for a limited time only.

Moby’s knows that Ash Reshteh is the perfect cold-weather dish to keep you warm on a chilly day. A hearty soup made of beans, herbs, and noodles, Ash Reshteh makes a wholesome and nutritious meal.

Uniquely Persian, two ingredients define the classic menu item, Reshteh and Kashk. Reshteh, is a Persian flat noodle much like fettuccine, and Kashk, is a feta-like strained yogurt. It is the Kashk that gives Ash Reshteh its unique and distinctive flavor.

Wildly popular in Persian cuisine, Ash Reshteh is considered good luck to eat. Reshteh, which in Persian means noodle, is a symbol of good fortune and success. For this reason, the dish is often seen around the holiday season and at festive occasions when celebrating with family and friends.

Our traditional Ash Reshteh recipe mixes garbanzo beans, white beans, red beans, black-eyed beans, and lentils in chicken stock along with fresh onions. We then add fresh herbs, like parsley, cilantro, spinach, and mint, giving the dish its unique green color.

Then we spice up the ingredients with garlic, turmeric, and pepper. Only after the items have had time to stew and fully come together, do we add the Reshteh, or flat noodles.

Then just before serving, we add a generous portion of Kashk, or strained yogurt, on top to give the dish its creamy texture. Finally, we garnish it with crunchy fried onions. Yum! It’s now ready to enjoy.

Ash Reshteh’s delicious and unique taste will have you coming back for more.

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